Cookie Policy


Cookies are data created by a server that are stored in a text file on the hard disk of the user's computer and make it possible for a website to monitor the behaviour of the user and his/her preferences.

Oreficeria Cornaro uses a technical session cookie: this indicates that the user is actively using the website. This cookie is automatically deleted at the end of the session, i.e. when the user navigates away from the website, and so is not persistent.

Session cookies are not permanently stored on the user's computer and vanish when the browser is closed. These cookies are used directly by the website to gather information in an aggregate form without any possibility of discovering the identification of the actual user.

All technical cookies do not require the user's consent and so are installed automatically as soon as the user visits the website. It must, however, be stressed that in order to provide its on-line services properly, the website owner, i.e. Oreficeria Cornaro, needs to use technical cookies. If, therefore, the user decides to disable the use of these cookies, Oreficeria Cornaro will be unable, for purely technical reasons, to provide all or some of its services or provide them in the required manner.

Oreficeria Cornaro also uses the following third-party analytical cookies:

While navigating the website, various analytical cookies belonging to other websites or web servers could be stored on the user's computer (known as "third-party" analytical cookies). These cookies are used in disaggregate form for statistical purposes. These cookies make it possible to discover the way that visitors use the website and so make it possible to evaluate and improve the way the website functions and so lead to the production of contents that better satisfy the users' needs for information.

For example, they let us know which pages are most popular and which receive the fewest visits. Among other things, they take into account the number of visitors, the average time users spend navigating the website and how these land on the website. This ensures that we can know which parts of the website work well and what to improve, as well as assuring us that the pages are quickly loaded and viewed correctly. All the information gathered by these cookie are anonymous and are not linked to the user's personal data.

More specifically, Oreficeria Cornaro uses:

- Cookies from Google Analytics in order to collect aggregated anonymous information on users' navigation of the website. You can disable Google Analytics cookies by downloading a specific browser plug-in obtainable from this URL:

In order to express you consent to the use of the third-party cookies, simply continue navigating the website, close this window or, alternatively, access this direct link , which let you give or refuse your consent, thereby enabling or disabling all the listed cookies.

How to manage cookie preferences using your browser

If you do not know the type and version of the browser you are using, click on "Help" at the top of your browser window to get all the necessary information. If, on the other hand, you already know your browser type and version, click on the relevant option below to open the cookie management page:

Please note that after disabling cookies some functions of this website might not work properly.